Why Cook?

Qualitative Research Methodology
•  Focus Groups •  Intercepts/Exit Interviews
•  In-depth Ethnographic Studies •  Mystery Shopping
•  Taste Tests •  Exploratory Research
•  Observation Research  

Types of Qualitative Research 
•  Advertising Effectiveness •  Pricing
•  Brand Equity •  Strategic Planning
•  Image and Awareness •  Web-site Usability
•  New Product Development and New Uses for Existing Products •  Positioning

Focus groups

A focus group is the most often used qualitative research method. Focus groups provide an interactive group setting that encourages ideas and comments from a small number of participants. These discussion groups are led by a trained moderator who asks questions to gather insight and information.

In-depth or one-on-one interviews

In-depth interviews are conducted by a trained interviewer with one respondent at a time and can be done in-person, by telephone, or via the Internet. Information is gathered with questioning and probing by the interviewer with one person at a time to gain deeper individual insight and understanding of the topic of interest. In-depth or one-on-one interviews are often used when the subject is very sensitive such as financial information.

Taste tests

Cook Research & Consulting, Inc. provides taste test capability on-site or at a central location. On-site consists of two conventional ovens with cooktops, multiple microwaves, full-size freezer and full-size refrigerator freezer, as well as closed-circuit video monitoring in the kitchen.

Intercepts/Exit Interviews

Intercept interviews are conducted immediately after respondents have experience with something. They are designed to collect information on an event that has just happened and is fresh in the respondents mind. Intercepts are often used to assess respondent satisfaction.

Mystery shops

Mystery shopping is a methodology to gather information on how customers are treated, what the shopping experience was like and what sales techniques were used. The sales person is not aware that their behavior is being monitored and

Exploratory Research

Exploratory research is a term that could include any qualitative approach. It is used to help more clearly define the research problem. It also helps determine the best research methodology or it may tell you that research is not needed at all.

Observation Research

Includes mystery shops, disposable camera use, journals


Cook Research & Consulting, Inc. provides on-site consumer and professional recruiting and interviewing locally and internationally. Our staff of interviewers is thoroughly trained and monitored to provide results that meet our client's sample criteria and quotas.

We continuously update and refresh our database of consumers and are able to provide diverse cross-sections of communities and all demographics.

Our phone center supports local and long distance telephone service with toll free access for return calls.